The founders and sponsors

Annabel Brourhant

president of Hope, manager of the stables of Neydens castle, trainer and painting workshop leader. She donates 80% of the sale of her paintings to Hope.

Nicolas Chopin

187 / 5000 Résultats de traduction Surgeon-oncologist at the Léon Bérard center, co-founder of the Hope association. He takes part in training days: he advises, soothes, transmits in all confidence and confidentiality.

Marc Veyrat

First godfather of Hope, close to Annabel Brourhant and women whose health is precious through "knowing how to eat well", Chef Marc Veyrat receives Hope every year at his home in Manigod. www.marcveyrat.fr/fr/hotel.html

Pierre Volla

Equestrian godfather, Pierre Volla is an Olympic rider, support and committed partner, representative of Hope during recognized equestrian competitions.

Alexandre Ayache

Equestrian ambassador of the association, he is also an internationally recognized French rider.

Alexandre Ayache - ©Emmanuel Berrod

Le bureau

Valérie Leone de Magistris

Association coordinator

Florence Bel


Sylvie Lahlou

Clinical studies coordinator Clinical psychologist, trained in EMDR, EFT, systemic family therapy.

Sylvie Lalhou

Fanny Bononi

Vice-Treasurer and responsible for volunteers


Florence Kabut

Assists Florence Bel. Updating of files, history.

Florence Kabut

Marcela Donati


Dorothée Dumoulin

Equitherapist, sophro relaxologist, counseling therapist trained in EFT, cheval-therapie.com

Dorothée Dumoulin Hope

Corinne Moretton​


Corine ©Emmanuel Berrod

Béatrice Mogenier

Communications officer, update of the Hope website, local press. lumieredesmots.com

Adeline Downs

Camerawoman, internship and event organizer

Alexis Massard

Sports coach, in charge of the management of sports events. Columnist on Hope TV.

Alexis Massard

Fabienne Duffour

Tibetan singing bowl therapist "Full Moon". Appeasement, relaxation, vibrations, well-being.

Fabienne Duffour - Bien-Être sonores

Fleur Courtois de Portal​


Fleur Courtois de Portal

Emmanuel Berrod

WIPO Photographer (Ge) and Freelance Photographer

Thomas Leone de Magistris

Advice within the stables of the Château de Neydens

Karine Fontbonne

Yoga teacher at the Olympique Lyonnais training center and journalist

Mélanie Bajot

Singing teacher, rehearsal, piano

Marie Moatti-Cohen

Pharmacist - Biologist Naturopath Reflexologist - specialized in nutrition and therapeutic reflexology. www.mariemoatti.com

Marie Levivier

Thomas Leone de Magistris

Advice within the stables of the Château de Neydens

Marithé Chevallier

Animator of the painting workshop with her daughter Annabel.