Hope, headquartered in Saint-Cergues, is a public utility association launched by Annabel Brourhant and Nicolas Chopin, oncologist surgeon at the Léon Bérard Center in Lyon, alongside a group of motivated volunteers. Hope has spread its wings with branches in Maisons-Laffite (Paris region), Lyon or even Saint-Etienne.

Equipe de bénévoles Hope

The Idea

One in two women is affected by a more or less deep depression after cancer treatments and little action is taken to physically and psychologically support these women towards their recovery. Today, physical activity is an integral part of the overall management of this disease.

s'approcher du cheval, se rapprocher de soi

The goal

The objective of the Association is to support women in this context in order to help them "resurface" around the theme of horses and painting.


The actions

For this, HOPE organizes discovery courses around equitherapy and art therapy, several weekends a year, in a friendly and warm atmosphere. There are also follow-up days, scheduled during the week.


But also...

Annabel also invites the participants to try their hand at painting, an “action painting” version in order to show them that being in movement and action helps to rebuild oneself, that it is even a form of meditation. active and / or an outlet! Other modules, - "yoga", "meditation", "nutrition" and "cancer" - are offered during these internship days.