Living a day at Marc Veyrat’s on May 23, 2019

December 4th, 2020 by

” Magnificent day. Palme d’Or awarded to Annabel the magician for all of her work and her grace, to all the volunteers who assist her and work in the shadows with their smiles and generosity, in the little hands of “La Maison des Bois” », Who treated us like princesses, to Karine, the fairy of the wheel with whom I shared beyond the journeys, a very nice moment of humanity and cheerfulness, to the Hop’timistes which I loved to share. wonder and the light or serious papotis, to the journalists who melted among us with naturalness and sympathy. And at least 10 stars for Marc (“No Monsieur,” he told me) for everything he gives with talent and generosity. I started to read the Chef’s book; I discover line after line what the character hides whose light we discover in small touches and we find him really endearing. What a guy! What a beautiful day ! What delights! My taste buds are still all excited. What saddens me is that I won’t relive those moments anytime soon, but what consoles me is all there is to living with Hope! “